Watch Out for These Dangers When Shopping for Investment Property for Sale 

investment property for saleShopping for an investment property for sale takes a lot of work and we’re not at all surprised. It’s a huge asset in terms of size and worth so it’s but common sense to put in a lot of consideration, research and preparation to get things right.

Part of such task is to know and identify not just the things to look for but also those to veer away from. That said watch out for the following dangers that may come with an investment property for sale.


Referring to any of several minerals that readily separate into long flexible fibers, asbestos has been banned since 1977. Formerly used as fireproof insulating materials, they are often found in a some roofing, siding shingles, textured paint and patching compounds among others and we’re prevalent in structures built between 1930 and 1950. Exposure to it is known to have several and grave health implications such as asbestosis, a chronic respiratory disease characterized by scarring of the lung tissue that causes shortness of breath and a dry crackling sound in the lungs while inhaling. It is also a known risk factor for mesothelioma, a cancer that affects the tissue lining the lungs.


Safety and security are non-negotiables when buying a property investment for sale for very obvious reasons. But aside from a low occurrence of calamities and a minimal to zero crime rate, the entire asset must be devoid of any fire hazards. Like asbestos, finding out a property’s fire safety features or weaknesses will require a professional which is why a survey is often advised before closing in on the deal. But giveaway signs should include the type of material used in construction as well as location.


Colors and greenery are always welcome but the type of plants that live in our gardens and backyards should be curated not just for aesthetic purposes but more so for safety. The poison perhaps comes on top of the mind when this topic is brought up but it is important to realize that even some of the most common house plants can be dangerous not just to humans but also to pets. While others need to be ingested to actually cause trouble and shouldn’t be an issue unless with pets and kids around, the sap of other plants or even the exposure to them are toxic and can cause itching and rashes at the very least. So scour the investment property for sale and check.

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